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  1. Gabriella says:

    GREAT advice. I would also add that in addition to most roads being narrow, there are curbs along the roads and no berm, so one must be attentive to staying between the lines (when there are lines). IF you hit a curb on a bridge, you might bust your tire/tyre. (Yep, the voice of experience here?)
    Still all in all, great fun driving onthe ‘wrong’ side.

  2. Debra Storr says:

    Blue flashing light are the emergency services. Always give them priority.

    Green flashing lights may also be used in rural areas http://ruralgp.com/2017/07/what-are-green-lights-all-about/

  3. Megan Fowke says:

    Two points of information – to inform, not deter, anyone considering/planning on hiring a car for their visit:

    1. I noticed on my travels last week that many people on the one track roads had trouble reversing into a passing place. From the way things went ‘wrong’, it seemed that driving on the left was a contributing factor. (Ie, people being unaccustomed to reversing to the left instead of their right as you would in Europe or North America).

    It would be a good idea to – on your first evening, perhaps – taking a little time to practice. Going to a supermarket car park (or any sizeable parking lot) after hours and familiarising yourself with how it feels reversing (to the left) would be a helpful way to do this.

    Nb: I noticed this with both left and right hand drives (ie, placement of steering column seemed to make no difference). And also with some who (based on their license plates) seemed to be driving their own cars.

    2. If you are on a one way road and someone flashes their (head)lights at you, this means they are giving way and you should move forward and continue on your way.

    Happy trails. 🙂

    Ps – a common way to ‘thank’ someone for pulling over and letting one pass is to flash your hazards after you have passed. Don’t stress out about having to do it, more just including this fyi if you see someone ‘thanking’ you.

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