There are many travel pages about Scotland out there that offer information and advice. What to see. What to do. How much you can pack into your visit.

We are different.

We want to encourage people to take the time to savour Scotland. To really experience what it means to be here. To inspire and encourage people who come to Scotland to immerse themselves in the beauty, the peace, the history – and yes, the Scotland of today; all of the wealth that the country has to offer.

So we invite you to let us help you as your plan your journey. We will share with you the wonderful and the weird. The beautiful and the baffling. Drawing on our extensive resourceIMG_3959s and local knowledge, we will give you the tools you need to see a different side of Scotland. The one not usually seen on the two week tick box trip that races from Point A to Point B, keeping to a schedule as if it is sacred.

For us, this is a passion project – sharing our passion with you.   It’s about helping others come to know and love Scotland the way we do.

This is a complementary website to our Facebook Group Scotland Time : we’ve put longer pieces here alongside some general advice that people might find useful.