Getting started in Scottish Genealogy

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  1. Debra Storr says:

    From a post by Orian Hutton on Facebook, copied to our FB group with permission but I want to preserve it for reference

    Although this is meant to be a FB page about Scottish history, quite frequently questions related to family names and genealogy are posted. In the search for one’s ancestry, DNA testing is becoming more popular.

    I have sometimes read some very suspect results given to people by the company that has tested them. A common misconception is that DNA testing will reveal your individual ancestry: your race or ethnicity, exactly where your ancestors lived or even in what social group they belonged. Genetic ancestry testing cannot tell you this.

    It can tell you where there are people in the world that share the same DNA, but not every place or group and certainly not exactly where your ancestors lived or a specific identifiable ancestor (unless they actually have that ancestor’s DNA on record, e.g. Richard III).

    A scientific explanation can be found at:

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